view from the show; from left to right. Room at left: Christoph Weber, Andreas Fogarasi, Tina Schulz; in the middle: Katinka Bock; right, second room: Jan Mancuska;
View from the show. From left to right: Jan Mancuska, Marlerne Haring, Andreas Fogarasi, Katinka Bock.
Andreas Fogarasi, Untitled, 2005. (detail). wood, metal; 35 x 35 x 95 cm.
Jan Mancuska, Inner shadow, 2005; video projection, wooden relief on wall.
Christoph Weber, Material, 2002, book object, 281 pages; for this show, Material" is placed on top of a shelf full of exhibition catalogues."
Tina Schulz, Prop Prop, 2006, graphite on paper; detail

wood, photographs, aluminium plate, LED, table, book, silkscreen, personal computer, monitor, web connection, nivea cream, video, paper, graphite, pencil, acrylic

September 13 — October 28, 2006

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